Trackers: How Technology is helping us Monitor & Improve our Health, the debut book by Richard MacManus, is out now in New Zealand bookstores. You can purchase the paperback direct from my publisher, order it online from Whitcoulls or Paper Plus, or ask for it at your local indie bookstore.

The ebook is available on Amazon KindleApple iTunes, Kobo and Nook.

Trackers by Richard MacManus

“… a must-read industry primer and a personal treasure trove for anyone striving to live a healthier life in the age of information.”
Dr Indu Subaiya, Co-chairman & CEO, Health 2.0

Self-tracking is the practice of measuring and monitoring your health, activities or diet through technologies such as smartphone apps, wearables and personal genomics, empowering you to take control of your day to day health. Richard MacManus explains the benefits and risks of self-tracking and looks at:

  • What exactly is being tracked
  • The tools and techniques being used
  • The best practices of early adopters
  • How self-tracking is revolutionizing the health and wellness industries
  • How the medical establishment is adapting to these new trends

“…This book will be a wake-up call to health services and health researchers about the rapidly approaching importance of patient- reported data and the opportunities for collaborating with the medical establishment.”
Dr Robyn Whittaker, Public health physician, Waitemata District Health Board

Richard MacManusRichard MacManus is the founder of technology blog, and is recognized as a leader in articulating what’s next in technology and what it means for society. He became interested in health technology when diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and he has written many articles about consumer health products and trends. Richard lives in Wellington, New Zealand.


  1. Richard I listened to the interview on Saturday Morning Radio New Zealand National. An enjoyable item, with a slight bias I did not enjoy so much. I sent in this text to Kim Hill. “Interesting how Richard MacManus’ valuing self-monitoring can be read. Kim you clearly think it’s a bit wacky; I would predict if a Buddhist monk talked of this process and did not reference technology, all the while talking of mindfulness, a ‘wacky feel’ might disappear. I am thinking you are not going to call a Buddhist life of mindfulness as unhealthy. At my age – 58 – I find a way of living that supports being aware of oneself as a physical, and yes, a spiritual self, if one valued that way of seeing things, a positive way to go. I do use MyFitnesPal, and yes a Garmin gadget call a Vivofit (high end pedometer). For me to self monitor has been about me being mindful. (Text from Peter Hooper, live in Wellington, NZ.)”.


  2. Richard I am considering your book that sits behind the interview with Kim HIll as my next move. Cost may be an issue, and I have yet to see if there is a Kindle version of your text. The move to use Apps like MyFitnessPal and the VivoFit activity monitor I was given on my birthday take me in a really positive direction. I did value what you offered in that interview with Kim Hill – well done Richard.


  3. Just saw your Kindle format of Trackers – made the purchase. Thanks!


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