Soliciting Your Support For Book #2


Ric’s 2 Second Summary: I need your help in writing my 2nd book! Here are some ideas, please tell me what you think… Now that my first book is in the publication pipeline, I’ve turned my attention to my second book. One of my key learnings from last year, while writing the first book, is […]

My ‘Trackers’ Book Will Be Perfect For Apple’s Healthbook Users


Earlier this month I announced that my upcoming book about self-tracking had found a publisher. The book is entitled Trackers: How Technology Is Helping Us Monitor & Improve Our Health (the final title may be slightly different). My book was completed at the end of 2013 and has just started the editing process, so it’s […]

Happy 25th Birthday WWW! Now, What’s Next?


Ric’s 2 Second Summary: The past decade was when the read/write Web flourished; the next 10 years will be the era of the indie Web. Twenty-five years ago today, I filed the proposal for what was to become the World Wide Web. My boss dubbed it ‘vague but exciting’. Luckily, he thought enough of the […]

Writer’s Log, 7/3/14: Publishing Contract Signed

An update on my book writing activities. As you all know, I completed my first book, about self-tracking, at the end of 2013. Today I signed a publishing contract for that book. It’s with Bateman Publishing, one of New Zealand’s top indie publishers. Just remember that last year’s Man Booker Prize winner was published by […]

What The Heck Is Google Up To?

Ray Kurzweil photographed in San Francisco last year.

There aren’t many technology companies that I ask that question of: what the heck are they up to?! But Google and its current obsession with AI (artificial intelligence) is one of them. When you think about it, the other bigcos are fairly predictable. Take Apple, in the post-Jobs era. The question isn’t what amazing innovation […]

Uploading Your Brain To The Internet


In a New York Times article entitled The Philosophy of ‘Her’, philosopher Susan Schneider questions whether the disembodied AI character in the movie ‘Her’, voiced by Scarlett Johansson, has consciousness. Schneider posits: “Her” raises two questions that have long preoccupied philosophers. Are nonbiological creatures like Samantha capable of consciousness — at least in theory, if […]

Philosophy: Why The Tech World Needs It


I love listening to podcasts and one of my new favorites is The Partially Examined Life, “a philosophy podcast by some guys who were at one point set on doing philosophy for a living but then thought better of it.” Each episode is a roundtable discussion of a particular philosopher or philosophical topic. It’s done […]

A Return To Blogging


I have a hankering to return to daily blogging. Not as a pro blogger, but as a technology enthusiast who loves to write. Which is how I started ReadWrite back in 2003. Read/Write Web, as it was originally called, began as a way for me to explore the latest in Web technology. It was just […]

Writer’s Log, 31/12/13: Book Completed!

Just in time for the new year, I have completed the final manuscript of my book about consumer health technology. Weighing in at 72,965 words, the writing and editing is done. Now I just need to get it published! But that is a task for the first part of 2014. I’m feeling proud that I […]

RicMac’s Favorite Books Of 2013

Yeats and Sligo

The books social network Goodreads has a nifty Year in Books feature, as well as a new stats page. Based on this information, I’m posting my favourite books that I read over 2013. I did this last year too, although in 2012 I chose to highlight my 5-star reviews. This year I’m choosing five books […]


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