ReadWriteWeb Turns 13

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The tech blog I founded, now named ReadWrite, turns thirteen years old today. On 20 April 2003 I wrote its debut post, The Read/Write Web. Re-reading that post today, I’m pleased that I remain focused on empowering Internet users. With a couple of tweaks to update the language to 2016, the following sentence could slot into my weekly newsletter Augment […]

Announcing Augment Intelligence


One of my new projects for 2016 is a weekly newsletter, which I will publish every Wednesday US time. It’ll be a weekly analysis of Internet products, starting tomorrow with DIY home security. To subscribe to my weekly newsletter, enter your email address here. To find out more, visit  

What I Read In 2015 (Plus An Update On My VR Novel)

In 2015, my main focus was writing a technology novel. I’m pleased to report that I completed the second draft of that novel before Christmas. It’s 62,000 words and explores a world 35 years into the future, when Virtual Reality is the primary platform for social and business networking. I’m still pecking away at the draft, but my aim […]

Thinking Out Loud: Blogging in 2016

In a couple of weeks I’ll be launching a new weekly newsletter for 2016. It will explore Internet products and trends, much like I did with ReadWriteWeb from 2003-2012. In the meantime, I thought I’d do some ‘thinking out loud’ writing on my personal blog. I haven’t done that in a while. If nothing else, it […]

RicMac’s Top 10 Tech Of 2015


Every December, I do a year in review of Internet technology. It’s a tradition going back to 2004, when I posted my first annual review of technology onto ReadWrite. This year I’m doing it slightly differently. I usually pick out ten Internet products that I personally use a lot and enjoy. This year, however, my selection […]

Top 5 Consumer Internet Trends of 2015


The consumer facing Internet has always been where online innovation first happens. The Consumer Internet, as I’ll call it here, is where experiments are conducted. It’s where trends are born. Sometimes these trends move into the enterprise world (like cloud computing), sometimes they become a part of mainstream media (like blogs) and sometimes they change […]


I was at a reception last week at the home of the US Ambassador to New Zealand, Mark Gilbert. The event was in celebration of innovation in New Zealand. “We share an ocean,” joked Ambassador Gilbert, as he listed some things America has in common with New Zealand. He meant the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand’s Minister […]


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